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MobaXVT - free portable X server with Unix utilities for Windows
[Link] http://mobaxvt.mobatek.net/en/
A nice portable application made from cygwin and cygwin/X. Very easy to use, something I always needed when people asked me about remote graphics connection to Linux.

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Lightning and Sunbird 0.7 are out
[Link] http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/
Mozilla calender solutions

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filehippo.com: Update Checker for all Windows softwares
[Link] http://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/
"The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to filehippo.com to see if there are any newer releases".

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Joe Public meets Open source.
[Link] http://kernelslacker.livejournal.com/65957.html
From "Dave Jones' recollection of stuff that happened".

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Mozilla Lightning 0.1 Released
[Link] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Lightning:0.1:Release_Notes
"Lightning 0.1 is an embedding of the Mozilla calendar code specifically designed to run inside Mozilla Thunderbird".

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Wired News: History's Worst Software Bugs
[Link] http://wired.com/news/technology/bugs/0,2924,69355,00.html?t...
'Coding errors have sparked explosions, crippled interplanetary probes -- even killed people. Here's our pick for the 10 worst bugs ever, but the judging wasn't easy.'

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VMWare Player
[Link] http://www.mackmo.com/nick/blog/tech/2005/10/19/VMWare-Playe...
Easily use a VMWare based software to create virtual machines to demo. There are sample IBM, Oracle, etc. VMs to download.

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Yahoo Purchases Konfabulator
[Link] http://www.konfabulator.com/
from slashdot.org

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