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pkLaunch: Greasemonkey Script for Yahoo Launch


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(June 21, 2007): Older pkLaunch versions can now be found in the archive.
(May 25, 2007): pkLaunch is NOT working for music videos anymore. pkLaunch 0.0.0 is out. Read the changes.
(Aug 19, 2006): pkLaunch 0.9 is out!
(Jan 25, 2006): A new discussion section is added.


This Greasemonkey script opens all Yahoo Launch music videos in a new window so that they will be playable with MS Windows Media Player or mplayerplug-in in Firefox.
This script is released under GPL.

How to Install
  1. Make sure you have the latest Firefox 1.5.
  2. Install the lastest Greasemonkey extension and restart Firefox.
  3. Open pklaunch-0.0.0.user.js
  4. Install it by clicking on Tools / Install This User Script...
  5. Goto to Yahoo! Music, or Yahoo! Music Worldwide sites:

Note to Mac users: You need to download Windows Media Player for Mac OS X.


Please check here again for new versions, because I'm working on adding other features such as showing the clip title/artist, playlist functionality, showing original ads (to make Yahoo! happy with this script) and many other things.

v0.0.0: Yahoo! disabled wmv playback and replaced it with a Flash player. This means that pkLaunch is not working anymore. The good news is that the flash play now works on all platforms and OSes that support flash. Still Launchcast radios are not working. I released version 0.0.0 which disables video playback and just checks for updates. I try to release a newer version of pkLaunch that supports radios.
Please use the discussion section below to let me know if there is any other feature rather than the radios you want to be added to pkLaunch.

v0.9: A new auto update feature is added. International Yahoo! Music sites are now supported. Test it out at Yahoo! Music: Australia & NZ - Canada - France - Germany - Italy - Spain - UK & Ireland - Spanish.

v0.8.1: Fixed a bug in my script.

v0.8: Fixed getting clip information.

v0.8rc2: Fixed Yahoo session cookie.

v0.8rc1: A more stylish look which also fixes some bugs. You can now select whether you want mediaplayer controls or not and also set the resize option. Setting the resize to ON sometimes make the video go black.

v0.7rc1: Now works in Firefox 1.5 using Greasemonkey 0.6.4.

v0.6rcX: Fixes Yahoo changed URLs

v0.5: Thanks to Brandon Barlow, I added two high quality 768kbps and 512kbps to the bandwidth options. Enjoy these high quality streams on you broadband. I also disabled the clip info bar because of the changes in the new greasemonkey release. I'm still trying to find a work around for that. Some window resizing issue are solved too. (2005-07-31)

v0.4: Now the player shows clip info such as song name, artist and also it catches more video clips. (2005-07-02)
Note: Due to a security vulnerabilty in greasemonkey, the new GM 0.3.5 has disabled some of its functions which means the clip info will be empty with this release. It will soon be fixed when the new GM is relased. (2005-07-19)
v0.3: A more stylish window is now opened with which you can set the bandwidth and also resize the whole window more easily. (2005-06-05)
v0.2: Opens a new window with an embed tag to show player (2005-05-20).
v0.1: Fixed the original broken code.


Here you can ask your questions and leave your comments about pkLaunch.

[Click! It's fun. Or try it on the test page.]

New features? [Hide]

What features do you like to see in the future versions of pkLaunch?

New features? [Hide]

Can you make the code work for UK Yahoo Launch PLEASE?
Thank YOU

New features? [Hide]

I will look into that. I guess I need separate yahoo UK/CA/... logins to be able to do that. Can anyone create a Yahoo UK account, no matter where s/he is?

New features? [Hide]

i think it is the same problem as with the german version: if i look into the Page-Info of the Greas-Monkey-pkLaunch window i can see that the NOT german videos are marked as media-type video/x-ms-asf whereas the german videos are marked as unknown

you can verify this with simply using one of the videos on

Michael | 2006-01-27 13:45:28 |

New features? [Hide]

Just wanna say love the script - you've done a cracking job on it. 

Would it be possible to include a random element in it like Y! Launch has at the moment? So once your selected song finishes it then plays another one?

Not sure how difficult it would be - but it would be certainly cool!

New features? [Hide]

This feature will be helpful ..

Santosh | 2006-07-14 12:24:45 |

New features? [Hide]

Just started using the script. Excellent. I like the Random feature also in YLaunch. Any chance you can add this feature?

Dead? [Hide]

It was ok yesterday. Don't work today. or its only me?

New features? [Hide]

how do i do this

New features? [Hide]

Could you make a Opera 8.5x version?
PS: jscript are native supported in opera, so it dosn't need Greasemonkey.

New features? [Hide]

I'd like to see a version that allows other plugins like VLC, as opposed to mplayerplug-in.

KTRaglin | 2006-05-08 11:10:34 |

New features? [Hide]

first I want to thank you for this exellant script , you really did something I was looking for it since years.
I wish you can add support for LAUNCHcast so we will be able to listen to the radio channels also.
Thank You again

Mohamed | 2006-05-25 22:13:44 |

New features? [Hide]

This is a great script. Is it possible to get it to work with yahoo radio?

New features? [Hide]

I would like to see an epiphany version using Totem.  I have greasemonkey installed but even with mplayerplug-in it doesn't work.  It would be nice to be able to use epiphany, especially if I could use Totem to play the videos.

New features? [Hide]

The ability to copy the URL of the video.

New features? [Hide]

wanna save da video

New features? [Hide]

can you add the "full screen" function to the videos?...and no commercials

New features? [Hide]

I am looking for a pluggin for my winamp or Itunes which will work on the latest yahoo messenger - That way whn I play music on winamp or even on itunes - the name of the tune you are playing should show on Yahoo messenger. is there any such pluggin still available ? I remmeber there was one but that was compatiable with the old Yahoo. Now with this new version 8  nothing works :(. 
Can you help Pooya??

New features? [Hide]

Very nice

Won't work [Hide]

I have Firefox 1.5. I installed GreaseMonkey and pklaunch and it won't work.

Won't work [Hide]

Can you tell me what exactly is happening? 
Did you restarted your Firefox after you installed greasemonkey? 
Do you see the smiling monkey on the bottom right hand side of browser window?
You know that this script is only for music videos and not the radio stations, don't you?

Won't work [Hide]

Kinda Like, it didn't work for me either it gave a warning i need to install netscape 7.1 to play it, and i did restarted firefox and i see the monkey, but it just doesn't work

Won't work [Hide]

Same problem here.  The exact error is:


To use this application with Netscape, you must use version 7.1 or above. Download now.

Please use the following error code when writing to Yahoo! Help. (Error Code: 12)

Won't work [Hide]

That means that the pkLaunch did not run at all. Can you try installing a simple Greasemonkey script to make sure greasemonkey is working Ok? You can try: http://diveintogreasemonkey.org/helloworld/divein.html

Won't work [Hide]

that helped. when the "hello world" didn't work, i figured out that greasemonkey was turned off because i had clicked on the monkey icon at some point.  i was wondering why he was frowning, just didn't know until now that clicking the icon turns greasemonkey on & off.  yahoo videos working now.  thanks pooya!

Won't work [Hide]

Had the same problem with FF 1.5 when it was released. That version of greasemonkey I used needed to be an upgrade only, since it did not make the gm_scripts folder.

Just to make sure, check if you have th gm_scripts directory in your Firefox profile directory, and  pklaunch.user.js file is present there. This one worked for me!

In windows, the path must be like:

C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default\gm_scripts

Won't work [Hide]

I don't know if this answer is further in the thread, I didn't have patience to read through it...Make sure that your media player is up to date (I had the won't work problem, updated my windows media player and voila...)

Won't work [Hide]

witn the new upgrade of firefox pkLanunch does not work it was working fine with version 1.5, but no any more

Won't work [Hide]

It is working fine with here. Check Greasemonkey, using something like the hello.user.js as I said before.

- [Hide]

i love this script, whether its the ability to get those asx links or simply watch commercial free videos in firefox this script has it all...

I was wondering if a download feature would ever be available, currently I must record the video with vlc or flashget.... thank you very much for this script!

No Video [Hide]

i installed pklaunch, restarted firefox and then installed userscript, but when i click on the link to the music video and the pklaunch window appears the music video does not play.

can u help my figure out what the problem is?

DAP and Y! Launch [Hide]

I successfully downloaded Greasemonkey and the pklaunch script, however each time I try to watch music videos on Y! Launch my Download Accelerator Plus window opens, prompting me to download a file. I've tried disabling DAP, but this results in the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Some Videos doesn't work with (768 / 512) [Hide]


at first it's a great script. Thank you for your worktime.

My problem is, that some videoclips do not work, the firefox pop up do not load the windows media player, i don't why ! I hope you can help me!

for example : 


=> click on the position 1 ("Dieser Weg") that do not work
=> click on the position 2 
("Behind These Hazel Eyes)
that work

i hope you can explain me and find a solution!

greetings Daniel

Some Videos doesn't work with (768 / 512) [Hide]

As others mentioned too, pkLaunch uses music.yahoo.com servers so it will not play videos that are not available for US users. I already looked into that but there's still some problems that need to be solved.

Some Videos doesn't work with (768 / 512) [Hide]

Hey Pooya,

ok thx for your answer.
i'll hope you find a way for this problem and you build this into your script.

best regards 

My Videos? [Hide]

Is there you can add the ability to play the "My Videos" stream?  I like the continuous stream instead of having to individually click each video to start it.

Meskibob | 2006-01-30 12:32:28 |

Won't work on MacosX [Hide]

I have a mac and tried using your script and it doesn't work with Mac OSX 10.4.4 It says I need netscape 4.X.

Nevermind [Hide]

I got it working! yay! I had to install the new script.

Does Not Work. [Hide]

1. I have Firefox 1.5

2. I installed GreaseMonkey

3. I opened pklaunch-0.8.1.user.js

4. I installed it by clicking on Tools / Install This User Script...

5. I went to music.yahoo.com to test it.

6. I made sure GreaseMonkey is enabled...I made sure pklaunch is enabled when I right click on GreaseMonkey Logo at lower right corner.

7. I clicked on a video and it tells me that it needs a plug-in...when I click to install a plug-in...it tells me no plug-ins exits.

Does Not Work. [Hide]

What OS are you on? It seems like your browser don't play Windows Media Video (WMV) files. If you are on Mac then install MS media player. And if you are on Linux, BSD, etc. install mplayer & mplayerplug-in. You can test it by visiting somewhere like this: http://midistudio.com/MPlayer9/embedWMV-2.htm

Does Not Work. [Hide]

I have a Win. 98SE OS.  If I download MPlayer would it work with Win. 98SE?

What are the steps I would have to do to make it work?

Does Not Work. [Hide]

win 98... lol .. why don't you upgrade the OS... anyway... you need windwos media player for win 98... good luck :P

Does Not Work. [Hide]

IT works on Winows 98 yes it does yes it does...nah na na...who's laughing now :) 

Well, I fixed a few days after I originally posted here, but I forgot to post back.

I needed this 2 plug-ins.

WMP PLUG-IN for Netscape Navigator (same as Firefox)


I also needed the Active-X plug-in


***NOTE*** For those users that use Firefox Pre-Loader first unload it (turn it off).  Close firefox and restart for changes to take effect.  The goto Yahoo music.

Yahoo radio [Hide]

Thanks a lot for the great plugin! Would it be possible to support Yahoo radio as wel? I am on a Mac and want to listen to my friend's station...

Does not work with new Flip4Mac [Hide]

Just wanted to drop a line with some info... I had pklaunch working fine under MacOS 10.3.9, using WMP 9 for OS X.  Installing the new Flip4Mac extension to Quicktime broke it however, all I get is a blank box when trying to watch a movie.  So, I'd recommend holding off upgrading your WMP on OS X.  Thanks for the script, BTW, it works great!

Does not work with new Flip4Mac [Hide]

You need to reinstall WMP 9. You may also have to reassociate .asf files (the Yahoo music video file format) with WMP. Create an empty file with TextEdit and rename it with an .asf file extention. Then Get Info and Change All to open with Windows Media Player. There are more details at my blog: http://stufftedfound.blogspot.com/

No video feed [Hide]

I've run through the above procedure - installed the grease monkey - restart firefox - install script - then goto yahoo music - select a music video - a pop up window appears with the option to select 768 bandwith and the happy monkey appears at the bottom right hand side of the window, but thats it - Just a black box and you can't right click on it either.  I tried the "hello world" script successfully.  I have MP10 installed, is there a particular codec that needs to be installed?  Cheers Andrew

No video feed [Hide]

That black box should be media player, right click on it and see if you can see media player options, is there any "error details" option there? Try another video or try opening the same video again. I think with WMP10 no special codec is needed.

No video feed [Hide]

Here are the Error Details -
You do not have access to the location or file. (Error=80070005)

Windows Media Player cannot open.  You may need to reboot to complete installation of a downloaded component.  Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again. (Error=80070005)

No video feed [Hide]

I'm having the exact same problem.

No video feed [Hide]

Try turning off resizing and turning on controls. To see what exactly is going on. Sometimes when the resize is on the video gets hidden. It's a known problem with Firefox & Media Player.

No video feed [Hide]

I'm having the same problem here but i'm using a linux box here with F1.5, media player conectivity ext (with mplayer & all codecs), greasemonkey. The "hello world" script runs successfully. Also tried turning off the resizing and turning on the controls... without success. I would like to be more spesific but the popup message isn't much descriptive.

Claudio | 2006-02-18 20:56:24 |

No video feed [Hide]

Same problem

Wont work with radio [Hide]

Work only for video, is it possible to find a script that will also work for the radio

pkLaunch still wokrs to me... [Hide]

Well, I have justa instaled it on my computer and it wroks fine to me. I'm in Brazil and I'm running it from SUSE 10.0. Actually the fist time I tried it opened that page from Yahoo trying to detect my connection speed, then I tried again and it worked.

Scirious | 2006-02-19 11:03:51 |

pkLaunch still wokrs to me... [Hide]

lol, yes you are right, it is working. It was a problem with my settings.

Stopped working [Hide]

I'm on a Mac and it stopped working for me. The launch.com box where the video is going to be opens, but after a while quicktime opens and it says something like invalid url. Please help I have the latest version of pklaunch. It was working fine before.

Stopped working [Hide]

Do you have Media Player installed? Maybe you should try reinstalling that.

Stopped working [Hide]

Yay! I followed your advice on reinstalling wmp and it works now! Thanks!

can't figure it out [Hide]

I've got all the updates, the pklaunch tab opens, but no video plays... i can't figure it out

can't figure it out [Hide]

it worked... I had to go to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and copy all the plugins to the other folders: /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.4/plugins and /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
and the it worked!!!!!

doesn't work at all [Hide]

i installed everything like you said. But every time I tried to play a video a missing plugin apears. Someone told me that I need the mplayer pluging so it could work, i already isntalled it but it doesn't work... please help


I had the same problem as a lot of you with the missing plugin. To fix it just go and download this plugin and it should work fine.


trouble with video playing [Hide]

i have installed greaemonkey and the plug in...however when i click on the video all i am getting is a blank black screen...there is no error message and i can't right click the box...i reinstalled mp10 and still nothing...HELP!!!!!

trouble with video playing [Hide]

I get the black screen instead of the player, too. Hello World does not work, and neither does any other script I tried. I'm using GM 0.6.4 and Firefox

Yochanan | 2006-03-16 20:13:56 |

trouble with video playing [Hide]

I have this same problem -- using -- other GM scripts are working; pklaunch 0.8.1 isn't

the window opens up but only a black box shows

trouble with video playing [Hide]

Hmmm, it's working OK here. Are you using music.yahoo.com or the regional ones? Can you tell me your OS/player?  If it is Windows Media Player then right click on the black box and tell me if there's any "Error Details" there.

trouble with video playing [Hide]

Windows XP SP2 w/WMP 10

There is no error message; just a black box.  If i right click inside the box I get a firefox context menu (WMP doesn't open).  I have no script, adblock, and GM installed and everything but GM is disabled

trouble with video playing [Hide]

have you definitely enabled greasemonkey? the monkey should be smiling :)

hello world [Hide]

also how do i prevent to hello world from appearing all the time

Thanks! [Hide]

Thanks for this.  I haven't been able to download since Streamking and getYahooMusic stopped working.  Now, we have you!!!

spawn666948 | 2006-02-25 19:19:53 |

Black screen [Hide]

The window launches and everything, but when i hit play, it changes the the "pause" button, as if it is about to play, then about 2-3seconds later, stops. In the end, i get a black player screen with controls @ the bottom. Any ideas?

New Feature Suggestion [Hide]

I just want to say you are a lifesaver, I consider this to be Greasemonkey's Killer App and THE REASON for getting Greasemonkey.

A new feature I would like to see added is the ability to download the streams to your PC with a download link(I know a way to do this but it is a little more complicated requiring the use of VLC).

Streamdown [Hide]

I just right click, properties and get the link and put it into CoCSoft Stream Down . Really easy and i can do a couple at a time.

New Feature Suggestion [Hide]

Yeah. Downloading MMS streams directly from firefox with this GM script is not possible (atleast as far as I can think of). I can make finding the link a little bit easier but I also don't want to make the UI more cluttered. Let see.

playlist [Hide]

i noticed the 'append to playlist option in the mplayer window. how do i use this?

New Feat: Launch Using Windows Media Player [Hide]

Hello, I really really this thing.  As a new feature, is it possible to have an option to launch actual WMP instead of the windowed plug-in.  Thanks!

spawn666948 | 2006-03-21 20:37:30 |

save vids? [Hide]

this might be a silly question, but is there any possible way I could save the videos to my hard drive?  thanks so much. either way, the script rocks.

heather | 2006-03-22 07:20:16 |

save vids? [Hide]

I was trying not to get into downloading bussiness. Not letting the users to download videos is probably the reason why Yahoo is not yet supporting Firefox. But anyway, now that everyone knows it, take a look at:

or use Farando Barajo's LyFox:

Mplayer won't play [Hide]

I have installed the script and it works up until it tries to play the video. It starts with buffering 0%, and then says something about connecting to serve, and then nothing happens. Any ideas?

Blastmotor | 2006-03-25 12:45:12 |

Thanks!!!!!! [Hide]

Many many many thanks my friend!!! you do not know what I have looked for like being able download the videos of yahoo in 768kbps!!! =)

PD: Sorry for my ingles.

Question [Hide]

Does pkLaunch still work?I'm using Firefox and pkLaunch 0.8.1 on  Windows XP Pro SP2.When I click on any video in Launch all it does is popup in the pkLaunch window.It says data at the top and then a black box where the videos should be,then the title under the box and the bw dropdown is set to 768(doesn't work at any speed BTW),controls on,and resize off.Also the monkey is lit up in the bottom right corner indicating greasemonkey is active.I went to the http://members.aol.com/jrzycrim01/mozilla/wmp/vidtest-HS.html site to test my windows media installation but it plays other windows media videos fine.What could be the problem?

IT DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Hide]

I used to do it couple months ago and it was bitchin' I Loved it I Downloaded Like 500 Vids.

BUT NOW THAT I tried it again It doesn't work can some one Help Me Please?????

I'm Using Windows Media Center Edition.
Greasemonkey 0.6.4 
And Follow All The Instructions To Make It Work.
But When the Video Loads In the New Screen It Says...
Additional Pluggins Are Riquired To Display All The Media On This Page.

Then It Says CLick Here To Download  .I Do So,But It Tells Me That No Needed Pluggins Were Found. 

Thanx For Your Help!!!

IT DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Hide]

Hi, I'm in school right now and it works fine here in Linux with Firefox 1.0.8,  Greasemonkey 0.5.3, and mplayerplug-in. 

Can you try opening another music video? Are you using music.yahoo.com or one of the local ones?

IT DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Hide]

OK I got my setup to work.It was just a matter of uninstalling VLC player.I was using VLC player to save the videos from Launch but when I installed I though it would be good to install active-x plugins and mozilla plugins and associate it with asf files.BIG MISTAKE! That  was what was causing my problem.  Now that I uninstalled then reinstalled VLC 0.8.4a-win32 without the extra options it works fine.Thanks pooya for the great script.You shouldn't be blamed for my stupid mistake.

IT DOESN'T WORK ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Hide]

How did you get it to play nice with VLC

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times with different options checked and cleared the cache ... never had mozilla or activex plugin selected.

anytime vlc is installed for me, it goes to black box.  if uninstalled wmp loads up

on win xp mce sp2 w/ff

Finally Got It To Work [Hide]

Well, I fixed a few days after I originally posted here, but I forgot to post back.

I needed this 2 plug-ins.

WMP PLUG-IN for Netscape Navigator (same as Firefox)


I also needed the Active-X plug-in


***NOTE*** For those users that use Firefox Pre-Loader first unload it (turn it off).  Close firefox and restart for changes to take effect.  The goto Yahoo music.

Finally Got It To Work [Hide]

You don't need Active/X plug-in. If you install that then you can use Yahoo! Music without pkLaunch. But many people prefer not to make their browser unsecure like IE. And also there are people on Mac and Linux who can not install ActiveX.

Finally Got It To Work [Hide]

Ooo, thanks for that lil gem :)

doesn't work ... [Hide]

Hi ,

My config : Linux Mandriva 2006, Firefox

I installed the script , but the problem is that if I go to the menu  tools/manage user script I see it but when i click right on the monkey I don't see the script. I tried the Hello word and it works.

So when I go to music.yahoo.com, it doesn't work, just the message from yahoo telling OS incompatible.

Thanks for your help


Thanks a bunch, the script works perfectly!  Yahoo has released a fix to get the videos to work (http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/launch/videos/videos-07.html) but i still use your script because it skips the ads and provides the full WMP control of the video.

v0.8.1 even shows the title, artist, and album.

This script is PERFECT!!!

netster007x | 2006-04-22 22:48:04 |

Doesn't work for me :( [Hide]

Umm, that fix doesn't work for me... That's why I'm here ;P
I've tried literally everything on this page (above this point) and it still says there's a missing PlugIn - and can't find a suitable one. I notice under manage scripts, I had a couple of yahoo music sites listed under "enabled". I removed them, and it went back to the standard error page "Error code 22". 

My setup: I'm on Win 2k, WMP 9, I have VLC installed, but the FF extension is disabled so shouldn't (hopefully) be a problem; the test video works (Pink Floyd as above), GreaseMonkey is installed + enabled, I don't know how many other extentions are installed... 

I don't see pklaunch when I right-click the monkey :( Could that be the issue? 

Does anyone know what more I can try? As far as I can see I've done everything! :'(

I guess I should mention one last thing: I'm in the UK.

Doesn't work for me :( [Hide]

Umm, update: it now says Error code 24... Is that random or is that random? Still same "update firefox" guff, but the error code's changed :S

Doesn't work for me :( [Hide]

OK fixed. That was terrible! I did *everything* on this page, even uninstalled the activex part. Then it told me to get it the hell back, so I did and it works. I don't know exactly what I did, but it works, no ads; so I guess I'm using your script :D TY

PS... [Hide]

i LOVE those awesome javascript transition effects ur site uses for the blog composer ;)

Keep it up!

netster007x | 2006-04-22 22:50:21 |

PS... [Hide]

:) Yep, that's pkComments ;) I should add some features to it, e.g. sorting by date, paginating... And ofcourse, release the code.

Thank You! [Hide]

Just a very big thank you for creating this script!!

Shack Newman | 2006-05-10 14:45:25 |

Request [Hide]

Is there or is it possible to write/get a script for vh1 videos and mtv videos please?

Great stuff (much appreciated) :)

FlipFlop | 2006-05-15 05:30:14 |

re.mtv [Hide]

I've already looked into this (for xbmc)- the MTV videos are DRM'ed.  You MUST use thier player to view the videos.

discoduck | 2006-05-25 14:33:04 |

Help [Hide]

When I want to watch a Yahoo video, a window pops up saying 'Can not create the DirectShow Player'  How can I fix this?

Doesn't show vid [Hide]

It used to work now it doesn't. using latest versions of everything, it now just loads teh window but doesn't load video. =/

Time for an update [Hide]

pklaunch needs an update, it hardly works anymore- occasionally you'll be able to watch a full video but most of the time it freezes or never starts

Time for an update [Hide]

it works very fine here. Can you collaborate more on that? 

Right now I'm working on a version which works with all countries websites and also plays radio stations. Only if I find some free time to polish the last bits.

my doesnt work either [Hide]

here's all I see when trying to play a video:

cmc1002001 | 2006-05-25 10:48:23 |

my doesnt work either [Hide]

sorry, I got it to work now. I just had to remove the VLC plugin from my firefox plugins page. if anyone else has that problem I am, just to to about:plugins and remove the VLC plugin dll

cmc1002001 | 2006-05-25 10:56:57 |

my doesnt work either [Hide]

Umm, sorry to be a noob, but how do you edit your plugins from the about:plugins page? It seems to be just a list, with no links for add/remove etc...

my doesnt work either [Hide]

'Pologies... I just read the thingy. The dll file won't remove though - is it safe to just reboot and delete it before it starts being "used", or do I just leave it there?

Time for an update [Hide]

I don't know why but when I used to use it, it worked fine, but now, it doesn't load the video, it loads the bottom stuff like video quality and stuff and puts it at the top etc

Time for an update [Hide]

i thought maybe I was having a problem too- so I came here to look for an update. While I was reading the threads the video finnaly loaded and started playing. perhaps you were having the same problem...(it took a good 2 minutes to start playing, so I thought it was not going to work)...my suggestion- let the window stay open for a while and see what happens. Maybe yahoo is really slow now.
PS- thanks a million pooya!

memtosh | 2006-05-31 17:17:11 |

Hi! a req feature for pklunch [Hide]

some possibility that pklaunch works with "musica.yahoo.es"

from already thank you very much =)

Hi! a req feature for pklunch [Hide]

Hi Gael, 
I already have a working version with that feature plus launchCast (yeah, the radios) It just needs more polishing and bug fixing. Let see when can I release it.

Re: Hi! a req feature for pklunch [Hide]

You're making a way for launch radio to work in Fx?

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Hi! a req feature for pklunch [Hide]

When will you release the new version?

awesome but... [Hide]

I didn't realize it actually worked till I turned the volume waaaaay up... for some reason the video didn't play, is that a problem with the mplayer plugin?

New WMP on Mac OS X [Hide]

Flip4Mac has COMPLETELY replaced MS Windows Media Player 9 on Mac OS X.  Flip4Mac is a small program that installs codecs into QuickTime so Windows Media Audio and Video can be played on Mac (http://www.flip4mac.com/wmv.htm).
It is faster and better than Microsoft's player, and has a web browser plug in.

Also, Mozilla.org has stated that Windows Media Player (for Mac) SHOULD NOT be used with Firefox at all (http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/OSX.html)

Is it possible that pkLaunch could be modified to call up Flip4Mac instead of WMP??

New WMP on Mac OS X [Hide]

Flip4Mac doesn't do DRM, and I think the Yahoo videos are DRM protected.

pkLaunch and VLC [Hide]

First of all let me say thank you for the plugin, Pooya. :) I've been waiting for something like this for ages.

Also, for anyone who is getting a blank screen when they try to watch a video: If you have the VLC (VideoLAN) player installed on your system, then you probably also have the firefox/mozilla plugin installed as well, which allows you to watch other media formats without installing other players such as Quicktime. You will need to disable it to watch videos using pkLaunch. You can do this by looking in the directory that you installed Firefox, then in the plugins folder. Then, create a folder named "disabled" and move the file "npvlc.dll" to that folder. You may need to restart firefox for it to take effect. When you need the plugin to watch videos other than on launch, you will need to re-enable the plugin by removing it from the disabled folder to it's original location.

Hope that helps somebody. :)

Heather | 2006-06-14 20:45:41 |

pkLaunch and VLC [Hide]

hey this is abt the vlc.. i found this thread thru google.. im havin probs with vlc(it goes blank).
i hav not installed any plugin (npvlc.dll is non existant in my pc)
can u help me solve the problem?

Videos in fifaworldcup.yahoo.com [Hide]

Hello, your script is great! now i can see videos of yahoo, but i have a small problem, because this one worked too in the fifa worldcup site to watch the videos. I use linux normally and when i try to see some of the videos (match highlights) it says that this video is unavailable for my country, which is strance, because when im in windows with firefox i can see every video without problems. I was thinking that maybe something in the script tells yahoo that i'm in another country, but I don't know. I would appretiate any kind of help.
ps: Here is a direct link: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/scp_v3/viewer/index.php?pid=16891&rn=458183&cl=524383&ch=458185&lang=es

Juanito | 2006-06-18 15:38:09 |

¿broken? [Hide]

Hi, I'm trying to get your script working, but no luck so far in Linux, mplayerplug-in working nicely and Firefox

When I click in a video link (from the main http://music.yahoo.com site) all I get is a new window with this url:

Any ideas on what's wrong?

Not Opening In New Window [Hide]

I  am having problems...
I have firefox
With greasemonkey enabled (mokey smiling) and PK launch enabled yet when I go to launch.yahoo.com and play a video it doesnt open in a new window it just plays as normal at 100K

Any ideas why this might be? any help appreciated. Thanks

Not Opening In New Window [Hide]

Fixed.. I updated greasemonkey to a later version and it seems ok now!

New Version? [Hide]

When will the next version be released? Will Yahoo's LaunchCast work with the next version?


I'am haveing problem on what seen. I see black Screen with 100k bar on bottom of it and the control on with resize. The greasemonkey on I see the smile and I quess since there control on that maybe the PKLaunch.


OH!! FORGOT SAY  I have FireFox with greasemonkey 6.4 they say for version 1.5 and I have the pklaunch 8.1


pkLaunch has also stopped working for me.  It just loads to a black screen and stays like that.  Same versions as above

Telanor | 2006-07-11 14:46:24 |

flip4mac [Hide]

i beg of you,,
please fix it for flip4mac

flip4mac [Hide]

Flip4Mac doesn't do DRM and the Yahoo music videos are DRM protected. There's nothing Pooya can do about that.

Strange problem [Hide]

Hi! First that nothing wanted to be thankful to create this extension, and later to count the problem.

I have installed the new version of Greasemonkey (0.65) and the new version of pklaunch (0.8.1). Now I cannot see videos nor do sniff to them since it leaves a message to me error, I leave screeenshot for you.

From already thank you very much by the aid and it excuses my ingles.

Greetings from Argentina!

Strange problem [Hide]

I have found the answer, if somebody has the same problem is that this related to the SpyBot Search & Destroy, must return to their place backup of the SpyBot.

In the last post (malabu
) is the answer.

Sorry for the annoyances Pooya Karimian =)

Strange problem [Hide]

Strange problem [Hide]

is it Gael?

Is that Windows Vista? | 2006-08-04 19:27:44 |

Strange problem [Hide]

No, it is not Windows Vista, he is single skin, sea! =)

Windows Vista skin [Hide]

WHERE'D you get that skin?  If it doesn't slow down ur PC I WANT THAT!  Please reply with URL ;)

netster007x | 2006-08-15 00:51:44 |

Windows Vista skin [Hide]

Sorry for the time....

The skin is here(FREEWARE):

Open Firefox with Rosetta on Intel Macs [Hide]

... because Windows Media Player isn't a Universal binary. Found this out after much head scratching after I got my Mac mini. Thanks for this script Pooya! I have more details on my blog: http://stufftedfound.blogspot.com/

Missing Plugin required [Hide]

I just noticed today that it says I need to install a missing plugin everytime I open a video with pklaunch/Greasemonkey, and Firefox can't seem to find the plugin. Did Yahoo just update their scripts?

Blank? [Hide]

I have the control panel on the bottom load, but no video, any suggestions?

Blank? [Hide]

I got the same thing.

AaronGraves | 2006-09-11 10:22:42 |

Launchcast [Hide]

I just got the new version, but Launchcast radio doesn't work. Wasn't it supposed to work?

Launchcast [Hide]

No, not yet. But I have a semi-working version here. The good thing with v0.9 is that it has an auto-update feature which will let you know once I release the next version.

Launchcast [Hide]

Ok, thanx. Any idea when that version will be released?

Sasafrass452 | 2006-08-21 05:31:12 |

yahoo videos cycle through servers [Hide]

I am not sure whether this is an issue with pklaunch, greasemonky, Fedora 5, or with my version of mplayer.  Maybe if someone else figured out how to resolve this it will at least help if I post it.

Greasemonkey 0.6.5
pklaunch v0.9
mplayer - 1.0-0.46.pre8.lvn5
w32codec - 4:1.0_20050412-12.at
linux kernel - 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5

So I get all the controls at the bottom, the plugin loads fine.  It just gets stuck in a constant loop trying to connect to a server.  The video will even play for a few seconds before it dies and tries to find another server.

Its possible that its an SELinux issue, but I have SELinux running in permissive mode.

Other than that, I am not sure what is causing it.  Videos did work for a little while on FC5 but eventually I started always getting the server search loop and never finding a server that could broadcast to me.  I used the main american site, plus the regional local canadian site, both get the same issue.

Anyway, just thought I would throw this out and see if anyone has an answer that might help me.


yahoo videos cycle through servers [Hide]

Had this problem with gentoo and with everything up to date.  I fixed it by adding noembed=1 in the mplayerplug-in.conf in ~/.mplayer.  I think mplayer plugin has problems with streams... but thats just a guess.

yahoo videos cycle through servers [Hide]

Quote: "I fixed it by adding noembed=1 in the mplayerplug-in.conf in ~/.mplayer."

Tom that solution worked, it finds the server and then pops up in an mplayer window outside the browser.  The video plays fine that way, and I don't mind having it come up in an mplayer window because keyboard commands are enabled when it plays that way.  Thanks a lot for that workaround, its nice to have the video play right in the pklaunch popup, but I am ok with having the second mplayer popup since I can watch the video now.

Great workaround.


No title-bars? [Hide]

For some reason, im not getting the option bars at the top of PKLaunch when I open a video. Like across the top (view, settings, audio, video..ect). So i cant get past the "open network stream" step. help?

version 0.9 broken on Mac [Hide]

Version 0.9 is broken on the Mac, but works fine in Windows. Mac users should use the older 0.8.1 version:


Using ver 0.9 on my Mac, the window opens correctly and I see the embeded Windows Media Player, but it shows only a black screen. After a few seconds, an error dialog pops up:

"Cannot open the file. Verify that the path and filename are correct and try again."

Can anyone with Javascript skills lend a hand?

Freeze [Hide]

Hi, Ive been using this extension with grease monkey for a while but now this new update has caused a problem... when opening a video, it loads like normal, but the browser freezes and becomes unresponsive for a long time, at first i blamed it on yahoo, but its not gone away for a looong time. i wait about 2-3 mins (no exxaggeration) and then the browser comes bak and the video plays... now unless this is a symptom of having ffdshow, this is a prob for me

Invalid File Path - Mac [Hide]

iMac G5
OS X 10.4.7
Windows Media Player for Mac 9.0 (3307)
Greasemonkey (enabled)
pkLaunch v0.9
mplayer plug-in is installed
US Yahoo account.

When I try to watch a music video, all I get is an alert message, which says "Cannot open the file. Verify that the path and filename are correct and try again."

What can be the problem?

rainwalker | 2006-09-19 06:58:59 |

Invalid File Path - Mac [Hide]

v0.9 is broken on the Mac. Use the old v0.8.1 (it's still here):


The old one is for US Yahoo accounts only, unfortunately.

Invalid File Path - Mac [Hide]

Thank you for your kind answer. It is working! :-)))

rainwalker | 2006-10-03 07:03:55 |

Cannot play [Hide]

I downloaded successfully. But I can't open that video in any player. How to fix it?

URL gibberish [Hide]

Overall, the script is fantastic!  No performance bugs, but I did notice one thing.  The URL bar becomes complete gibberish, like 2 lines of text superimposed in the same place, or something.  Not really a complaint, but something you might want to look into.

Script [Hide]

Finally found a Linux version a newbie can use - Ubuntu - used this script for btyahoo launchcast (UK) in Firefox and it worked brilliantly. The high bandwith and resizing options are great. Thanks

Bug ? [Hide]

I tryed to play video on http://de.launch.yahoo.com/, it returns error file not found for mms stream url, in Internet Explorer this video works.

Script für Firefox 2.0 [Hide]


Firefox 2.0 is out right now. Is that possible that you can repair the script for the new version ? 

At the moment it's not work.

thanks :)

Script für Firefox 2.0 [Hide]

I'm testing it right now and it is working OK on Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP. Make sure you have the latest version of Greasemonkey add-on.

Script für Firefox 2.0 [Hide]

Will the new script work with Yahoo LaunchCast(radio)? When will you release it?

Sasafrass | 2006-10-24 05:53:36 |

Script für Firefox 2.0 [Hide]

Pooya, I've just upgraded to wmp 11 final and there are a few issues.
The clip plays fine but the embedded video player resizes to just 1/4 of the webpage and stays at the top. Then theres a huge space and at the bottom are the pklaunch controls. Happens on all launch sites.

Also is there a way of opening the video externally instead of embedding it each time? I prefer this so at least if wmp crashes the browser doesn't crash as well.


Windows Media Player 11 [Hide]

Windows Media Player v11.0.5721.5145 works with pklaunch script v0.9 but doesn't display yahoo music video correctly.  It has some kind of size issue.

FC5 FireFox 2.0 problem [Hide]

Thanks for this! Works fine on XP and Firefox 2.0. However I have a problem when using Firefox 2.0 with mplayer-plugin in FC5. A new window opens and then mplayer-plugin stops.
No video. No audio. any clue?

Still Has a Problem [Hide]

I have installed everything and I have Firefox 2.0

The window loads and the monkey is there. It starts loading, but then it says that "firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."

And I don't get anything. Please help!!!

FishStik | 2006-11-17 17:00:31 |

Still Has a Problem [Hide]

Crashes are mostly has something to do with your media player plugin. Use these links to see if your player works:

Sound but No Video [Hide]

When I click on a video link on Launch MPlayer opens and it streams but all I can here is the music I don't see any video. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It used to work fine in the past but my HD crashed had to reinstall linux, everything and now this is what I get.

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 09:34:09 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

Make sure you mplayerplug-in parameters are set to correct values. I think it was the vo variable in ~/.mplayer/config file. You can test your mplayer settings with one of the above URLs.

Sound but No Video [Hide]

Yes VO is set to X11 as it should and all video formats are set to 1. The test videos you provide above do the same as launch sound but no video

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 10:25:17 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

Mine is set to "xv". Do you want to give that a try too?

Sound but No Video [Hide]

I'm sorry I should have said, I already tried that one also. I have a second computer set up and it works fine on that one. I matched up the conf. files to one another. I don't know what the devils going on. It's got me stumped.

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 11:20:00 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

Could it be some setting/settings in Firefox itself and not Mplayer Plug-in?

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 11:21:56 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

I just now uninstalled mplayer plugin for mozilla and mplayer too and reloaded them and it still does the same thing!

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 11:30:22 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

I fixed it! I reinstalled the codecs! Thanks! Frank

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 11:59:31 |

Sound but No Video [Hide]

Just FYI... I had the same problem with Firefox 2.0.  My final solution was to create a folder /usr/local/lib/win32 and then copy/paste an extra copy of all the codecs into that folder.  Whewww!

Charles | 2007-01-10 12:32:07 |

A New Question [Hide]

Is there a way to save the video to the hard drive as it streams in?

Frank Black | 2006-11-19 12:03:04 |

A New Question [Hide]

There are a couple of guides on how to do that, either using pkLaunch or other utils. Basically you can right click on the video and copy the video's MMS url. And then use mplayer's dumpstream option to save it to the harddrive. Though I'm not sure if that's a legal thing to do or not. Last time I checked TOS it seemed like if you don't share it with other people it should be fine. 
I'm trying not to get into that business too much, don't want to get sued ;) And I guess if Yahoo feels bad about people downloading, there are ways for them to cut direct access to videos and so we will not be able to (or it will be hard to) play from Linux/Mac.

A New Question [Hide]

I can see this may touchy subject for you so there will be no more mention of it from me. Thanks for your help!


Frank Black | 2006-11-19 12:22:13 |

Next Version [Hide]

When will the LaunchCast compatible version be released?

Sasafrass | 2006-12-08 10:41:08 |

Yahoo Movies [Hide]

Is it possible to use this script for Yahoo Movies too?

beta Yahoo music video player [Hide]

Yahoo now has a Mac friendly beta music video player (have to sign in to enable it):


Don't know if it works with Linux.

beta Yahoo music video player [Hide]

Yes, it works with Linux!!! Now if only LaunchCast Radio would work.....

Sasafrass | 2007-01-06 02:46:30 |

cannot install [Hide]

Why can't I install pkLaunch-09 into Firefox Can you help me?

- [Hide]

Now that Yahoo Music videos work without this script, what about LaunchCast Radio? When will that script be available?

Suggestion [Hide]

I use a neat shareware program at work called Judy's Ten Key.  It has an "always on top" feature that keeps it the topmost window while you use others beneath.  This would be great for the pkLaunch :)

Btw, I use the pkLaunch with OSX and videos take a looong time to load (if they load at all).  Used Ted's advice of loading .8.1 to get it finally working.  Sorry won't be much help testing - still learning the OSX.


I can't get pklaunch to work at all.  Everything is installed and enabled, but when I open a video on launch it just plays through launch's regular video page.  I cant get it to work at all.  I've tried everything.  Please help me, I'm going INSANE!!


Robert, it is working OK here. Have you tried any other Greasemonkey script to see if your GM is working? Did you waited for the page load to finish before clicking on the video link? The links after pkLaunch runs should look like: http://music.yahoo.com/#36920936

Black screen no video [Hide]

all I get is black screen and if i right click for errors it says:  "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there are no streaming protocols selected. Select one or more protocols, and then try again."

and I have no idea how to install the mplayerplug-in 

Please help


marcini | 2007-03-13 17:24:21 |

Crashing [Hide]

Whenever I want to watch a video, it works, but after under one minute, my whole computer freezes. The mouse and keyboard stop working.

This isn't only in Yahoo! Music, it also occurs when I watch videos in Windows Media Player.

Sites such as Youtube that use a flash application to display videos seem to be OK

Any thoughts?

FishStik | 2007-03-21 10:59:51 |

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

It seems Yahoo have switched to flash instead of WMV. Can anyone comfirm this info? Now they block some contents because of my region, what didn't happen with pkLaunch. :(

Scirious | 2007-04-21 06:07:37 |

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

Yes, the video now are FLV, the quality still in 700, but now are problems....

Sorry for my ingles :(

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

Yes, that seems true. But then this means that the music videos should work without any problems in Linux and Mac. I just checked Linux and it works perfectly. Can someone confirm it on Mac as well?

But if the reason you were using pkLaunch was to download music videos then the story is different. Yahoo is now streaming the flv videos using RTMP protocol. Saving RTMP video streams is not easy.

But still the Launchcast radios don't work in Firefox. I had a fix for that long time ago but never found enough time to brush it up and publish it. Something I am probably going to do is to disable video support for now and then later add the support for radios.

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

Yes Pooya, I download the videos of yahoo, the problem is that now I cannot find the complete URL of streamig for download... the protocol RTMP is not problem, but to find the URL complete yes :(

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

Actually, I don't download the videos, but it used to by pass location restrictions. Now, I can't play some videos because of the place I am. I know it is playable in Windows Media Player if you find the complete url. I tried it using the complete url, not the links in the site, and it worke.

Just wish it would work again.

Scirious | 2007-05-26 07:12:11 |

Site changed to flash? [Hide]

I am using mplayerplug-in and flash 9.0 plugin for firefox on Linux.
Latest clips are using flash plugin and it works very well, but old clips are still encoded with WMV codec ,  and I can't play them anymore with mplayerplug-in since  I've been getting this area video restriction messages.
Any clue how to get arround this ?

area video restrictions [Hide]

i used this plug-in mainly to bypass area restrictions on launch but now it seems that it wont work anymore.Good job on the script i enjoyed it while it lasted :)

area video restrictions [Hide]

Me too! Hope we can find I new way to bypass this area restriction.

Scirious | 2007-05-27 19:09:29 |

I cannot install [Hide]

How to install this cript in Firefox?
I clicked the button INSTALL but nothing happens. Can you help me?

v0.0.0 - WMV stream - READ IT NOW!!!!!!!! [Hide]

--- quote ---
v0.0.0: Yahoo! disabled wmv playback and replaced it with a Flash player.  
--- quote ---

I completely disagree with that statement. WMV is disabled only on concurrent web browsers. When I launched it in Internet Explorer I could sniff the WMV stream and it requires on the Windows Media Player. Believe me. When you receive the WMV stream through Windows Media Player you can recognize it also by the available "Full screen" button. Try to examine it. WMV videos are much more quality and I like watching the videos fullscreen. Go forth! You'll make it. I prefer running on Linux and there's no WMP, of course.

v0.0.0 - WMV stream - READ IT NOW!!!!!!!! [Hide]

Thanks for the info. I'll try to look into that.

v0.0.0 - WMV stream - READ IT NOW!!!!!!!! [Hide]

I checked out Yahoo to see what was happening now and found out that they are still streaming videos in the mms format. I guess the flash part is just for the player and the pop up page.

I used my packet sniffer and found out the url and it was an mms address, Once I got the video it was the samw size as my other one so they are using the higher quality now. 

I liked using your program and I thank you for your efforts. Hopefully you will have a new version.

v0.0.0 - WMV stream - READ IT NOW!!!!!!!! [Hide]

can u show me how to install so i can download yahoo music vids

PKlaunch archives [Hide]

Can we still have access to download pklaunch-0.9.user.js. Not all launchcast sites around the world have upgraded to the flash version yet :) Thanks in advance

PKlaunch archives [Hide]

I added link to old versions as well. Check the Archive.

I Have A Hunch... [Hide]

Pooya, I think there is a way to get your script working again.

E-mail me with an available MSN Messenger handle, and I'll give you the scoop.

Rene-Rebel | 2007-06-13 09:36:58 |

I Have A Hunch... [Hide]

Any news on this?

Scirious | 2007-06-21 15:07:14 |

yallwire.com video download ? [Hide]

Hi all,

Anyone knows how to download videos from http://www.yallwire.com ?
You can take out the video link, but my downloader (SDP) doesn't eat it.

When? [Hide]

When will the LaunchCast Radio-compatible version be available? You said you were working on it. I've been waiting... & waiting... & waiting... It's been a year & 1/2!!! Are you EVER going to do it? WHEN???

Sasafrass | 2008-02-10 13:53:28 |

Drug slacker [Hide]

Pooya traded in scripting for crack smoking, so no more from this monkey.

A brain is a terrible thing to fry.


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