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Domain Transfering

Go Daddy
I'm transfering my domain registrar from OnlineNIC to Go Daddy, so there maybe some problems accessing pooyak.com these days. The email delivery to @pooyak.com emails are maybe affected with this change too. I wish the transfer goes smoothly and it happens before my domain's expiration on June 26th.

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Tehranavenue on Linux

Although still lacking a good navigation and archiving system (or at least I haven't found the way to use it yet), Tehranavenue.com is one of my favorite readings.

This month's editorial and feature is about Linux and Open Source in Iran. Take a look at them.

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The Cheerful Cricket

Field Cricket
I was sitting by the computer and the TV was on, as always, that I heard some chrips. I was wondering why they put this as the background sound on that very formal program! After searching for the source of chrips I found a very small cricket in the living room. He is so small that I can't believe he can sing in such a loud voice. I believe the buddy is still crawling around somewhere in the house and I wish at least he lets me sleep when I turn off the lights.

- The cricket's Sound
- Insect Sounds

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Links in progress

A flexible links section in my site which will have a tree structure for categories, can be integrated with my blog posts and can easily get updated, is what I'm busy with these midnights. I've finally found a good solution for it by using some plugins for Movable Type, some simple self-written scripts and Server Side Includes.

- SubCategories
- PerlScript Plugin
- MTIncludePlus
- MTMacro

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