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My new DSLR camera

Olympus E-510
(Photo by HAMACHI - CC License)

I have a new camera. It's an Olympus E-510 DSLR. I'm still playing with it to learn its features but so far not bad.

Here is a not so good shot at ISO1600 - 1/8 sec - f3.5 (too noisy):
Vancouver downtown night

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Now Public!

I posted a photo of snow in SFU in my flickr account this morning. Right after that I got a message, which seemed like an automatic one, from a news site named Now Public. They asked for my permission for using that photo for a news story about yesterday's SFU closure due to snow.
The idea of having a news site where reporters are Internet users, is a nice idea. It may be the future of automatic news sites like Google news.

- The news is NowPublic.com
- Simon Fraser University Closed Due to Snow


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MIT Museum

I am back from the States. Here are my photos and videos of MIT Museum. There you can see robots, holograms and fancy machines.

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Last week I went to Beijing, China for IROS 2006 conference. I took a whole bunch of photos, more than 800s. But there is only a few good ones in there. I started posting some of them to my flickr page. Check them out.

A Forbidden City Window

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Gastown Graffiti
[Gastown Graffiti, Vancouver]

Gastown, Vancouver

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360° around me
[Pooya's Room]

That's how my place looks like. It is in an on-campus residency named Hamilton Hall.

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[Aurora, Langley, BC]I didn't know that it is possible to see auroras here in Vancouver. I was reading yesterday's Slashdot story on Space Weather warning on solar flares hit the earth on last Friday. There in the galleries I saw a couple of photos from Canada and when I googled it I found Astronomical Society of Canada /
Vancouver Centre
and aurora photos taken from Langley, BC which is near here. I should search more to see if it is possible to see auroras with unaided eyes or not.

- spaceweather.com
- spaceweather's May 2005 Aurora Gallery
- Vancouver RASCal's picture gallery

Update: OK! Here it is,
- Photos of aurora from Burnaby moutain park
- Me in Burnaby mountain park, a 5 minute walk from here!

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Ambleside Panorama
[Ambleside Park, West Vancouver]
A view of ocean and Lions Gate bridge from Ambleside Park, West Vancouver

Update: I was standing here when taking this photo

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Daily dose of Imagery
Daily Dose of Imagery

Daily Dose of ImageryAre you taking your daily dose of eye catching photo everyday? Sam Javanrouh is also posting tutorials on photo post-processing in his forums.
- [daily dose of imagery]

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[Whistler, Canada, Fall 2004]
Whistler, Canada, Fall 2004

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Liquid Sunshine

[Rainy Vancouver]

- Rainy
- Aki Mimoto's Album

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