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My Broadband
[Broadband speed]

My connection speed on a saturday night is totally near 1.7Mbps.
- Test your speed on DSLReports
- DSLReports
- Jeremy on a cellphone

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Daily dose of Imagery
Daily Dose of Imagery

Daily Dose of ImageryAre you taking your daily dose of eye catching photo everyday? Sam Javanrouh is also posting tutorials on photo post-processing in his forums.
- [daily dose of imagery]

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Firefox: 25 Million Downloads!
[Firefox 25million downloads

Don't waste your internet browsing with IE. Get Firefox now:
- Spread the word: Take back the web
- Asa's post on "firefox 25,000,000"

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Music search

I was searching for this from long time ago until Ehsan sent it to me yesterday:

Leyenda (Asturias) by Michael Silvestri

Quite a few groups around the world are now working on music search, which I think a working one will be very popular. By searching I don't mean text searching but searching for notes, mood, or same music. Think of searching for a music by playing some part of it with whistle on a microphone.

- BoingBoing
- Fraunhofer Technology Info: Query by humming
- Query by humming

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Me in Google ?!

Do any one have any idea what's going on in Google?! This site (pooyak.com) which was for quite a long time the first result of searching for pooya is not now even in the first 15 pages. Guess what's the first result: an expired domain showing some junks from the domain seller!

Update: Weird, refreshing the page will give different results: Sometimes pooyak.com is the forth result sometimes not!

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