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Master's Defense

My M.Sc. thesis defense is this Friday. Here is the screen-shot of the title page of my presentation:

[Audio Communication for Multi-Robot Systems]

I have no job and no place to stay after I graduate. So I guess I will be searching full-time for a full-time job then.

- Abstract and place on FAS website.
- A Swarm of Chatterboxes, previously on FAS newsletter.
- Autonomy Lab.
- School of Computing Science.

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Robocup 2007

[RoboCup 2007 Atlanta]
Robocup 2007 started in Georgia Tech on July 1st. Roozbeh knows more about that, cause he is there. But I'll try to update this post with the links I find:

- The RoboCup Federation
- RoboCup 2007 Atlanta
- FlickrRobocup Flickr photo pool
- YoutubeYouTube videos of Robocup
- slashdotStory on Slashdot
- WMV video of highlights of Robocup 2005 Osaka
- Robocup Nanogram competition and a video of that.
- Time lapse video for the venue setup
- Video of a quarter final game in the humanoid league.

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New Robots

What would computer scientists do when they get to meet twenty brand new robots?

  1. Program them.
  2. Write a paper about them.
  3. Lay down somewhere among them!
  4. Do nothing with them and go write their belated thesis.

By the way, these are iRobot Create robots properties of SFU Autonomy Lab.

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Robots talking!
[Player/Stage robots talking]

My simple speech bubble driver is included in the newly released version of Stage part of Player/Stage, an open-source package of tools for robot and sensor applications. It is useful for debugging robot control clients by showing a message as speech bubble near the robot.
It reminds me of the a viewer/debugger application, me and Payam wrote for our soccer playing robots.
Stage is using Pango for text rendering so it's very easy to render multilingual text in it.

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Sony Ericsson's Motion Camera

[Sony Ericsson ROB-1]It's a small robot with a VGA camera, running Linux and can be controlled over bluetooth. I can think of using that for different robotic/computer vision researchs. I will suggest buying one to my professors when it becomes available.

- Sony Ericsson ROB-1
- Announced in CeBIT
- LinuxDevices.com article
- Robots.net article

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Music search

I was searching for this from long time ago until Ehsan sent it to me yesterday:

Leyenda (Asturias) by Michael Silvestri

Quite a few groups around the world are now working on music search, which I think a working one will be very popular. By searching I don't mean text searching but searching for notes, mood, or same music. Think of searching for a music by playing some part of it with whistle on a microphone.

- BoingBoing
- Fraunhofer Technology Info: Query by humming
- Query by humming

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Evolve: Auto-Parking Car

[Evolve: Auto-Parking Car]Evolve is a student project in Fluid & Mechanical Engineering Systems at Linköping University, Sweden in collaboration with Volvo Cars. They are using a Linux based system and four ultrasound sensors to help the driver find the suitable space and also auto-parking the car.

- Evolve Project Page
- Slashdot: Linux-Powered Auto-Parking Car

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Back to Homework!

It is a bad feeling when you return back to all the works and all the troubles in a polluted city after 4 days of a scientific workshop along with some interesting people in a nice place such as IPM.

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International Workshop on Computer Vision

I'm attending the International Workshop on Computer Vision in Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM) these days. There were some interesting lectures on the first day and while there are few number of people attending the workshop, it is a friendly meeting where we can talk on Computer Vision.

- http://www.ipm.ac.ir/computervision/
- Monday Photos
- Tuesday Photos

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The ROBOlympic Games

"On March 20th and 21st, 2004 in San Francisco, California, ROBOlympics will be the first ever event to bring robot competitions and competitors together from around the world at a single place - showcasing the best human minds on the planet!"

Robotic Soccer competitions in Humanoid and Microrobots are also there. I wish there will be some intelligent robots and not just another mechanical design show.

- ROBOlympics
- Slashdot.org
- Nature

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Trumpet Playing Robot

[Toyota Robot]After Honda's Asimo and Sony's Qrio, now a trumpet-playing humanoid robot has been developed by Toyota. As I've seen it in TV, it can walk and move her body while playing trumpet. I believe it can walk faster and more naturally than Honda's Asimo.

Take a look at:
- Sillicon Valley.com
- Ananova

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Nuvo Humanoid Robot

Nuvo Robot Nuvo, a prototype of a human-shaped walking robot developed by a Tokyo-based ZMP, walks on the stage while showing its back during a press unveiling in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

- Slashdot.org
- CNews
- Ananova

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