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O-HUM Aloodeh

[O-HUM Aloodeh]
OHUM Aloodeh CD finally arrived today. O-HUM is an underground Iranian rock band, singing lyrics from Hafez. I really enjoyed the new album and I suggest you support them by buying it, especially that they released their two previous albums for free. The Album is published by Bamahang productions with nice cover art design from Zartosht Soltani.

[O-HUM Aloodeh]
Listen to "Atashe To":

- O-HUM official site
- CDbaby.com: Listen to samples and Buy
- 1999 Album: Nahal-e Heyrat
- 2002 Singles: Hafez in Love...
- 2005 Album: Aloodeh

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Chris de Burgh in Live8
CdeB in Live8

Chris de Burgh was playing with many others yesterday in Live 8 in Berlin. I recorded it from the AOL stream. They say that they will put all of performances online on June 5, but before that you can download it from here:
- Chris de Burgh, Live 8 in Berlin [42MB]
- A smaller low quality version [8.6MB]

Update: All the performances are online now.
- All the Live 8 performances
- Chris de Burgh

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Morse code vs. SMS

Morse Code / MessagEaseA story on engadget about how Morse code beat SMS messaging in typing speed reminded me of how hard was that to type messages with a cell phone (btw, I don't have a cellphone here). I was always wondering how irritating it is to wait between key presses typing with 9 keys. But have you seen MessagEase? that's really a smart solution.

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Another Microsoft Blue Death Screen

[Conan O'Brien and Bill Gates]So funny, think of Bill Gates presenting a crashed device where Conan O'Brien is the talk host!

Read the news and download the video from the following links:

- Slashdot
- Mattias's Post and Link to the Video
- NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brein
- Do you still remember the old Win98 crash?!

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