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[Aurora, Langley, BC]I didn't know that it is possible to see auroras here in Vancouver. I was reading yesterday's Slashdot story on Space Weather warning on solar flares hit the earth on last Friday. There in the galleries I saw a couple of photos from Canada and when I googled it I found Astronomical Society of Canada /
Vancouver Centre
and aurora photos taken from Langley, BC which is near here. I should search more to see if it is possible to see auroras with unaided eyes or not.

- spaceweather.com
- spaceweather's May 2005 Aurora Gallery
- Vancouver RASCal's picture gallery

Update: OK! Here it is,
- Photos of aurora from Burnaby moutain park
- Me in Burnaby mountain park, a 5 minute walk from here!

Posted to Photos by pooya at May 16, 2005 09:04 PM

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