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Techvibes Blog: Death To “Honest Work”!
[Link] http://www.techvibes.com/blog/death-to-honest-work/
about the types of jobs in BC and how they are mostly hardworks with people outside receiving the earnings. the linked article there also has some interesting facts: BC's median wage fell 11% in the same period that Ontario's median grown by 8%.

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Cutting down solar costs with satellite imagery
[Link] http://www.news.com/8301-11128_3-9922124-54.html
They use Microsoft's Virtual Earth to get semi 3d views of houses and offer solar panels for them. on CNet's Green Tech blog.

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Photos: Nigerian students power up their laptops
[Link] http://news.com.com/2300-1041_3-6175025-1.html?tag=ne.gall.p...
One Laptop Per Children (OLPC) project in Nigeria.

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Building Vista buzz with a puzzle | CNET News.com
[Link] http://news.com.com/Building Vista buzz with a puzzle/2100-1...
An alternate-reality game, with a suborbital flight as the prize.

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Tableless optical mouse: Soap mouse
[Link] http://www.patrickbaudisch.com/projects/soap/index.html
An easy to build pointing device, from Microsoft Research. Link via Hack A Day.

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Semapedia - the physical wikipedia
[Link] http://www.semapedia.org/
The goal is to combine the physical annotation technology of semacode with the availability of high quality information using the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Imagine your cellphone as your smart travelguide. Promise is to provide free relevant ad-hoc high quality information to mobile users in the real world.

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Swallow that probe | CNET News.com Images
[Link] http://news.com.com/2300-1041_3-5842685-1.html
Players swallow a capsule that contains a telemetry system, transmitting device and battery. While in the gastrointestinal tract, a crystal sensor vibrates at a frequency relative to the temperature of the body surrounding it. This produces a signal, harmless to the body, that can be picked up by an external data recorder. The pill stays in the body for 24 hours or more and the battery works for about seven days. The pills cost around $30 each, depending on volume purchased.

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Slashdot | Quantum Computing Using Traditional Transistors
[Link] http://slashdot.org/articles/04/07/22/2215252.shtml
"UCLA is reporting progress on the quantum computing front by announcing success in controlling the spin of a single electron using an ordinary transistor."

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