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OOZ, the cage-less zoo
[Link] http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/006564.php
Like a zoo, Ooz is a series of sites where animals and humans interact. But it's a place where animals interact with humans by choice rather than because they're caged. Throughout the Ooz communication habitats (horses, water striders and bats), the animals can learn to control the human spectators by pressing the appropriately designed button or lever that communicates in human speech.

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US Navy ROV to Help Trapped Russian Sub
[Link] http://robots.net/article/1588.html
A Russian AS-28 mini-sub with a 7 man crew is trapped on the sea floor 200 meters below the surface after becoming entangled in an abandoned fishing net. The vessel carries only enough air for 24 hours but Japanese rescue ships aren't expected to arrive in time...

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