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I am a software developer, used to be Roboticist, insterested in everything technology. Currently I work as a Software Engineer at F, tech leading new and exciting products. Previously I was a Senior Software Developer in Cloud Services team at Sencha and Lead Frontend Developer for Zite, a personalized magazine powered by a web-scale recommender engine with millions of users. Zite was acquired by CNN in 2011. I have contributed to Open-Source projects, such as Node.js

I grew up in Shiraz, Iran, hacking on a Commodore 64, earning my first salary building a dial-up web-based educational ISP and won a prize for my network controlled keyless door locks.

My B.Sc. is in Computer Engineering at Sharif University in Tehran. Starting in Computer Hardware field I became a Roboticist studying Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Networks. I learned Algorithms, Operating Systems and Distributed Computing; participated in three Robot Soccer world-cups, taught courses and implemented content management and search services for school's servers.

In 2004, I moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue M.Sc. at Simon Fraser University. There I worked at the Autonomy Lab under Dr. Richard Vaughan's supervision building robots that can talk to each other and survive autonomously. To achieve that I solved a mutual-exclusion problem without the need for a centralized master over a localized communication channel, i.e. sound. Think of it as Leslie Lamport meets a fax machine that talks CSMA/CD!

During the course of my research I was lucky to work with great researchers such as Dr. Greg Mori on Human Posture detection using Computer Vision and Dr. Torsten Möller on sound propagation modelling using Computer Graphics techniques.

In 2015, I moved to Bay Area, California.

My Erdős number is "3".

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