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Google DNS: Who owns that IP?

[Google - Level 3 Communications]Last week Google announced its Public DNS service with its mind-blowing IP address. That made people wondering how did Google got to get that fancy address. It turns out that Google bought 8.8.8.* and 8.8.4.* ranges from Level 3 Communications.

For the curious out there here are the other <10 IP assignments:
1.*.*.*: Reserved - By IANA (International IP Registry)
2.*.*.*: Reserved - By RIPE (European IP Registry)
3.*.*.*: General Electric Company (ge.com)
4.*.*.*: Level-3 Communications
5.*.*.*: Reserved - By IANA (International IP Registry)
6.*.*.*: US Army
7.*.*.*: U.S. Depart of Defense
8.*.*.*: Level-3 Communications
9.*.*.*: IBM

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Download an album with Picasa broken?

[Google Picasa]
For some unknown reason, Google's Picasa sometimes looses its external application registration with Firefox. This means that you don't see the "download this album" link when viewing an online album although you already have Picasa installed. I'm not sure if this is a Picasa 2.0 - Firefox 3.0 issue but I think I had the same problem with Firefox 2.0 too.

Searching for this, looks like many people have the same issue with hardly any solution at hand. For this reason I made an easy hack for myself which I thought worth publishing here as well. It is a bookmarklet.

Bookmark the follow link by dragging and dropping it to your bookmark toolbar or right clicking it:
Download with Picasa

Then, browse to the main page of the album you want to download and press this bookmark. You will be prompted to open a file with Picasa which if you accept will download the whole album for you.

If you have the same issue, let me know how this works out for you.

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Bushehri Pipe Band

Run into Shanbehzadeh Ensemble through a Farsi weblog [*], I thought I would share it with you. Saeid Shanbehzadeh (Farazoo) plays traditional music of Bushehr, a southern city of Iran. The following four clips are from their 2007 performance in New Zealand:

- Shanbehzadeh Ensemble
- more on youtube
- Farazoo blog

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Background history

While in the middle of moving the server that hosts this site and before I redesign my site, just wanted to show you something:

[Stone Pillar]

That's yesterday somewhere in Deer lake park. I took a photo of the very same stone pillar a year ago and made tiles from it for the background here. So yeah, don't think of this site as a simple dead one: there's a story behind every piece of it [wink].

See also:
- 8m.com Aug 1999 (I had a page from 1997 but can't find it archived).
- Sharif: Mar 2001
- Sharif: Feb 2002.
- Sharif: Aug 1999.
- SFU: Aug 2003.

- How to create seamless tiles in Photoshop.

Now what do you suggest for the new design?

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My new DSLR camera

Olympus E-510
(Photo by HAMACHI - CC License)

I have a new camera. It's an Olympus E-510 DSLR. I'm still playing with it to learn its features but so far not bad.

Here is a not so good shot at ISO1600 - 1/8 sec - f3.5 (too noisy):
Vancouver downtown night

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Blog Action Day

[Sun and Moon]Today was Blog Action Day. Fifteen thousand blogs wrote about the environment. Lone Sysadmin wrote a thought provoking post in his blog: Paying Billions To Never See The Stars Again. Check it out.

Also this is old news but I just read about it. It is the story of a small-city in Iran where people are so much into star gazing that some nights they even turn off all the city lights. Read it here: Stargazing Bug Seizes the Imagination in Iran.

- Photos: A Town with a Passion for Astronomy

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Master's Defense

My M.Sc. thesis defense is this Friday. Here is the screen-shot of the title page of my presentation:

[Audio Communication for Multi-Robot Systems]

I have no job and no place to stay after I graduate. So I guess I will be searching full-time for a full-time job then.

- Abstract and place on FAS website.
- A Swarm of Chatterboxes, previously on FAS newsletter.
- Autonomy Lab.
- School of Computing Science.

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