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Codes and Projects

I often write small softwares, scripts or web-based application for myself which I think might be useful for others as well. I'd be happy to share them with you. But some of them, like the code base that I use for my homepage (pkMenu) or pkWatch need myself attached to the code in order to be useful for others! Some of them like pkVote or pkNews or the Grand Challenge maps, are only useful on specific occasions. But here are some of them that you might find useful. Please tell me what you think of them in the discussion section below.

  • Progressive JPEG Demo
    A demonstration of how progressive jpeg loads in browser
  • Persian Javascript
    Persian/Farsi keyboard emulation under IE/Mozilla/Firefox using Javascript
  • Pesian Shaping
    Convert unicode strings written in Farsi or Arabic to shaped unicode characters.
  • Greasemonkey scripts
    My Greasemonkey scripts collection
  • pkComments
    An AJAX threaded discussion/commenting system. It is a simple perl script with an XML storage engine. I will clean the code and release it sometime.
  • Farsi/Persian/Arabic on iPhone Safari
    Safari browser on iPhone lacks the shaping/joining for unicode characters in BiDi languages. Here is a simple bookmarklet that fixes the problem. Just follow the instructions.
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