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Background history

While in the middle of moving the server that hosts this site and before I redesign my site, just wanted to show you something:

[Stone Pillar]

That's yesterday somewhere in Deer lake park. I took a photo of the very same stone pillar a year ago and made tiles from it for the background here. So yeah, don't think of this site as a simple dead one: there's a story behind every piece of it [wink].

See also:
- 8m.com Aug 1999 (I had a page from 1997 but can't find it archived).
- Sharif: Mar 2001
- Sharif: Feb 2002.
- Sharif: Aug 1999.
- SFU: Aug 2003.

- How to create seamless tiles in Photoshop.

Now what do you suggest for the new design?

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XHTML Compatible

Valid XHTML 1.0!I spent some time yesterday making pooyak.com XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid. As you may know the underlying engine for this site is a Perl script I started writing 3 or 4 years ago. It generates pages based on templates and each page's definition in a semiXML file. That's the same script that is used on http://ce.sharif.edu, my old page there and some other. Also For making my weblog posts valid I used tidytext MT plugin, which itself uses HTML Tidy to clean up HTMLs.
I am a TA of Web info systems course this semester. That's why I thought when we are forcing students to use standards, it's better for me to make my own pages valid too. Still the markup is really untidy and it's a mix up of DIV and Tables but this change will hopefully make it easier to fix it step by step. Please let me know if this change made any problem in viewing my site for you.

- My simple page on SFU which is XHTML Strict valid
- http://ie.sharif.edu is also based on my script

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Linking Started

No! It is not changed to a link only blog, but after setting up the links section, and integrating it with my blog I started dumping some of my daily bookmarks here. I wish these are useful for you too.

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Links in progress

A flexible links section in my site which will have a tree structure for categories, can be integrated with my blog posts and can easily get updated, is what I'm busy with these midnights. I've finally found a good solution for it by using some plugins for Movable Type, some simple self-written scripts and Server Side Includes.

- SubCategories
- PerlScript Plugin
- MTIncludePlus
- MTMacro

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Now I am using MTIncludePlus 1.1 plugin instead of SSI in dynamic pages like comment listing. So it is now possible to use the same header and footer for those pages. But I should try to find a good template for commenting, it is now wider than the window.

The plugins category of MT Extensions has some other cool things for me to use, such as MTRelativeURL plugin.

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