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April 2006

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Photos: Bots on the catwalk | CNET News.com
[Link] http://news.com.com/Photos Bots on the catwalk/2300-1041_3-6...
Female robots start going into fashion business.

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China president at Gates house, not White House | CNET News.com
[Link] http://news.com.com/China president at Gates house%2C not Wh...
Isn't that what Salman was once talking about? A world where companies will replace goverments.

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Blogger asks, 'Wanna trade a paper clip for a house?' | CNET News.com
[Link] http://news.com.com/Blogger asks%2C Wanna trade a paper clip...
MacDonald's trades have gone as follows:

- Paper clip for a fish-shaped pen
- Fish-shaped pen for a clay doorknob with a funny face on it
- Clay doorknob for a camping stove
- Stove for a generator
- Generator for an "instant party"
- Instant party for a snowmobile
- Snowmobile for an all-expenses-paid trip to Yahk, British Columbia
- Yahk trip for a panel van
- Van for a recording contract
- Recording contract for the year of free rent in Phoenix
- ...

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How Google should spend a billion dollars comitted to work on global issues
[Link] http://news.com.com/How to spend a billion Google dollars/20...
Google.org has $1 billion to work on global issues such as poverty, energy and the environment over the next 20 years.

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Firefox 4 Kids
[Link] http://dietrich.ganx4.com/blog/?p=227
yeah, even kids use Firefox theseday, are you still using IE?!

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The Cure for Information Overload
[Link] http://machinereadable.blogspot.com/2006/04/cure-for-informa...
Apparently Xeegeex found it and passed it to me!

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