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February 2007

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James Ward’s Blog: How I Overcame My Fear of Flash
[Link] http://www.jamesward.org/wordpress/2007/02/21/how-i-overcame...
I don't think writing applications with a hyper text language like HTML is a wise thing to do. My hope was on something like XUL. But that does not look like catching at all.

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Danga: Open-source tools powering Livejournal
[Link] http://www.danga.com/
That includes distributed caching, distributed file-system and Low-latency remote function execution.

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xkcd - A webcomic of LISP
[Link] http://xkcd.com/c224.html
Thanks to Ehsan for sending this. Shows exactly how I feel these days.

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The 1st green dream: “Green Light”
[Link] http://dreamingreen.nl/home/?p=3
A plant growing around a lamp. Via Make: Blog.

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