Pooya Karimian

pkOrkut: Greasemonkey script for orkut.com



Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior. Here is pkOrkut. It is released under GPL.

  • pkOrkut add features to Google's Orkut.
    • Search in friends list
    • Search in community members
    • Search in scrap books
    • Show photo thumbnails embedded beside link to profiles

 - Make sure you have the latest Firefox.
 - Install Greasemonkey 0.6.5 extension and restart Firefox.
 - Open pkorkut-0.9.user.js file and install it by clicking on Tools / Install This User Script...
 - Go to www.orkut.com.


Here you can ask your questions and leave your comments about this script. There is also a community in orkut for pkOrkut: pkOrkut Community.

[Click! It's fun. Or try it on the test page.]

Bugs & Features... [Hide]

You can use the discussion area here to tell me about the bugs and problems in pkOrkut and also the features you like to see in it.

Bugs & Features... [Hide]

Is there anyway to set a counter on your orkut profile and see who's been looking at your profile?

Bugs & Features... [Hide]

Unfortunately not. That should be done server side by Orkut poeple themself.

Bugs & Features... [Hide]

hmm! Do you work for Orkut?! Because they just added the feature you request there!

Bugs & Features... [Hide]

hmm! I should have asked for s.th. better! though this new feature kinda sucks! I think everyone just turns it off.
anyway, thanks pooya jaan.

Search is Broken [Hide]

the search feature does not go to next pages in communities
Orkut itself has added "search in members".

Search is Broken [Hide]

Thanks for reporting this. It is fixed now and will be in the next release ;).

Search is Broken [Hide]

thanks. BTW, the style selector works in the scraps page as well. is it intentional?

Search is Broken [Hide]

Yeah, the scraps page is somehow similar to other pages so I thought lets have the styles on this page too. Do you prefer it not to be there? Or should I make any change?

Images [Hide]

browsing s.1's friend list, I can turn "Style 2" to view number of images he/she has, but the text appears prompting this number, is not link to his/her photo albume, is this  a feature or bug?!

geeta [Hide]

1's friend list, I can turn "Style 2" to view number of images
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