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Progressive JPEG Images

How does progressive JPEG work?

Here is a demo of how progressive (interlaced) jpeg work. Note that iPhone Safari and Internet Explorer do not support progressive view. Both images are 62Kbytes and are loading at 0.5 Kilobyte/Second.

[Normal JPG]
[Progressive JPG]
[Click! It's fun. Or try it on the test page.]

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avvalan ke che akse bahaalie! :D
dovomman ke taghriban 2X sari'tar bood! adade daghighesho daari?

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Well in theory, as both of them are the same size, they should finish in the same time. It should take something near 2 minutes to load. But then when you load a page browser doesn't guaranty to load them at the same time. So one may be loaded sooner than the other one.

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please tell me Jaalebe means in english? thank you

How to get rid of Progressive JPG [Hide]

apparently, one of my photos in Photoshop Elements 7 is a progressive jpg.  Unfortunately, IE8 won't display progressive jpg.  I don't know how this photo got to be a progressive jptg, since none of my other photos is a progressive jpg.  Is there any way I can change it over to a regular jpg?

Can you share this demo code? [Hide]

Can you share this demo code?

how to convert baseline Jpeg To Progressive Jpeg [Hide]

its looks cool for gallery images loading, how can i convert my normal jpeg to progressive?? which software can do that? tnx alot

how to convert baseline Jpeg To Progressive Jpeg [Hide]

Ehsan, most graphic software can create a progressive JPEG for you. They may call it an "Interlaced" jpeg. Look for advanced options when saving your JPEG file. 

For example in ImageMagick's "convert" or "mogrify" commands you can use "-interlace line" option to batch convert your images:

See this for Photoshop:

Progressive JPEG now supported by Safari! [Hide]

Nice demo that enables testing this adequately!

Not sure exactly in which version this was introduced, but Safari now supports progressive JPEGs, both on the desktop and iOS.

Tested with Safari 8.0.1 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and Safari on iOS 8.1.1.
[Wednesday 2024-04-24] [Updated Saturday 2013-11-30]