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July 2005

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Yahoo! Widgets
[Link] http://widgets.yahoo.com/

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bamahang.ca: Kiosk - Ordinary Man
[Link] http://www.bamahang.ca/
underground Iranian alternative band and their released album in US and Canada

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Yahoo Purchases Konfabulator
[Link] http://www.konfabulator.com/
from slashdot.org

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Shift Delete: 1and1 review
[Link] http://shift-delete.blogspot.com/2005/07/1and1-review.html
But use my 1and1 link. Although Ehsan's review is more about good things but recently I had some problems with 1and1. They mis-calculated my traffic and they're answering my support requests with some vague emails. They did the same thing to others too. Also see my previous report on 1and1's down time in my blog. But in general the price compared to offered features is so low that you hardly can find a better substition. Check their Linux Hosting plans and prices

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