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May 2008

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John Resig's Processing.js
[Link] http://dev.jquery.com/~john/processing.js/
Just great! Processing visualization language ported to JavaScript using the Canvas element. Make sure you are using a good browser like Firefox 3.0 and watch the demos at the end of the post.

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The Day Is Coming for Google
[Link] http://battellemedia.com/archives/004431.php
Is it? I think it is more a question of whether they can release those secret products sooner or just make as much money as they can from the current one and spend it on cakes.

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Techvibes Blog: Death To “Honest Work”!
[Link] http://www.techvibes.com/blog/death-to-honest-work/
about the types of jobs in BC and how they are mostly hardworks with people outside receiving the earnings. the linked article there also has some interesting facts: BC's median wage fell 11% in the same period that Ontario's median grown by 8%.

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RoboCup 2008 in China cancelled?
[Link] http://carpenoctem.das-lab.net/2008/05/05/robocup-2008-in-ch...
The Government of Suzhou, China announced that they can't held Robocup 2008 in July due to the Olympic related issues! There is also an urgent announcement on the robocup website.

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Data Centers are Bad For You
[Link] http://paul.kedrosky.com/archives/2008/05/02/data_centers_ar...
carbon dioxide emission from data centers

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