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International Workshop on Computer Vision

I'm attending the International Workshop on Computer Vision in Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM) these days. There were some interesting lectures on the first day and while there are few number of people attending the workshop, it is a friendly meeting where we can talk on Computer Vision.

- http://www.ipm.ac.ir/computervision/
- Monday Photos
- Tuesday Photos

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Expressions in CSS

Sometime ago I used a template from oswd.org as the template for a site and I choose a table-less CSS design. A CSS design will make the page load faster and more easy to change (just by changing the definitions of the style).

One interesting thing about CSS in Internet Explorer is that you can use javascript expressions inline. This can be used to easily do some nice designs (e.g dynamic resizing of elements). Take a look at this example:

--Click here and write something!--

Test Box

and this the HTML :

<span id="pooyak_el1" 
      style="background: lightblue;">
 --Click here and write something!--
<span id="pooyak_el2" 
      style="background: yellow; 
             width: expression(pooyak_el1.offsetWidth+'px');
             height: expression(pooyak_el1.offsetHeight+'px')">
 Test Box

- w3.org's Tableless layout HOWTO
- From Table Hacks to CSS Layout: A Web Designer's Journey
- Advanced CSS Layouts: Step by Step

- MSDN: About Dynamic Properties
- CSS Expressions

Update: I changed my site to XHTML seems like the example above is not working (which is an IE only example) is not working anymore...

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Thanks to Babak, I'm now in Orkut social network. Altough still weakly connected to others, with 2 or 3 links, I found it more intersting than LinkedIn.

One funny thing is that this Google affiliated service is written in ASP.NET!

Let's wait to see how is Orkut in Geek Style.

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Google: Gmail

After google has announced [+] its GMail service, there were lots of privacy concerns [+]. Now Google has responded [+] to these concerns.

I believe the good points of having such an email service, which will be going to serve a large part of email traffic of the world, are useful advertisements for each person and better spam filtering based on analysis of these huge email mass. But the bad thing, other than the privacy concerns, is that it will stop small innovative new services like FuseMail from growing.

- FuseMail Forums

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