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Firefox extensions

Get Firefox! Firefox is great! Being on the holidays I tried learning how to write extensions for Firefox and it's so enjoying... Just Get Firefox!, download Extension Developer's Extension, read some tutorials and samples and start writing your own extensions.

I was talking to someone in IRC about why do they (e.g, GMail) still try to write web applications by hacking DHTML/Javascript instead of developing a language for that job and he pointed out that XUL/Javascript/... is around, they can use it.

For the first try I tried writing some code so that I can watch Yahoo's Launch music videos without IE/ActiveX and it is working now, although I don't know about the legal issues of viewing the videos skipping the advertisements. That's why I'm still trying to make the whole Yahoo's web-based player working.

- MozillaZine Knowledge Base - Dev : Extensions
- Ted's Extension Developer's Extension
- XUL Planet
- Launch! Music on Yahoo!

Posted to Network by pooya at December 26, 2004 08:36 PM

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