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Google DNS: Who owns that IP?

[Google - Level 3 Communications]Last week Google announced its Public DNS service with its mind-blowing IP address. That made people wondering how did Google got to get that fancy address. It turns out that Google bought 8.8.8.* and 8.8.4.* ranges from Level 3 Communications.

For the curious out there here are the other <10 IP assignments:
1.*.*.*: Reserved - By IANA (International IP Registry)
2.*.*.*: Reserved - By RIPE (European IP Registry)
3.*.*.*: General Electric Company (ge.com)
4.*.*.*: Level-3 Communications
5.*.*.*: Reserved - By IANA (International IP Registry)
6.*.*.*: US Army
7.*.*.*: U.S. Depart of Defense
8.*.*.*: Level-3 Communications
9.*.*.*: IBM

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