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[Odeo]The idea is simple, and its implementation is eye catching. Another podcast (audio weblog, audio feed) listening application but this time it is web based. I'm talking about Odeo (pronounced like rodeo), the beta release. There you can subscribe to feeds and listen to them easily. There are three ways to listen to audio posts: either by listening online using a Flash app, syncing files using the application provided, or pointing some podcast listening software to your Odeo XML feed. There's also an option for creating your own audio feed which is still not working in this beta version.
I'm on a broadband connection but I don't see anything keeping users from enjoying that even with dialup, but it will be better if Odeo add some on the fly bit rate conversion, this will also solve Flash problems with non-standard bitrates.
Odeo is still in Beta and so the registration is closed but you can fill a form on the front page asking them to invite you sometime.
Odeo is built with Ruby on Rails, I should spend sometime learning more about it.

- odeo.com
- Odeo Screenshot
- Ruby on Rails

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