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Email Sunday

[Thunderbird, Firefox, Sunbird, Notepad]Sundays are my email clean-up days. I use Fusemail’s own web-mail for normal daily email checking and every time I read an email that needs further attention, I will leave it as unread. Then in my free time, weekends mostly, I open Thunderbird, Sunbird, Firefox and Notepad. I use Thunderbird to read the mailing list emails in threaded-view and to find the unread mails. I use Sunbird to mark events in my calendar. In Firefox I look at the links and bookmark important ones. And in Notepad I write down the tasks that I should do but there’s no special deadline or something for them to go in calendar. I save that text file on my desktop. This way the number of unread email are dropped from 200-300 to less than 50.

I had lots of emails about pkLaunch (which has now been downloaded 1000+ times), which I was mostly forgetting to reply back. So I made a fancy Ajaxified commenting system that people can use to leave their comments and questions in the pkLaunch discussions. You can try it on a test page here. It still needs more polishing.

Posted to Life by pooya at January 29, 2006 02:19 PM

Posted by: Mehdi at March 2, 2006 05:44 PM

seems cool, I liked your commenting system. looking forward to see your commercial version of it ;)

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